.My Dear Raggedy Ann 

May 17, 2000


Dear Raggedy Ann is now 57 years old. Since she made her web page, Raggedy
Ann has made many friends. Angela in Canada, made Dear Raggedy Ann a new
dress. Joy in Kansas made Dear Raggedy Ann a new apron. Gale, in New York,
sent Dear Raggedy Ann a beautiful little Raggedy Ann pin. Raggedy Ann also
received a very special vintage Raggedy Ann book from a friend. Joyce, in Florida,
sent Raggedy Ann several little gifts. Traveling Raggedy Ann came to visit and
what a wonderful time they had. The bear was a Christmas gift from Santa
last year.

"Thank You for all of your letters and many sweet gifts"

Love, Raggedy Ann

The following is a portion of an article that was published in
Colorado's Publication for Country, Victoriana, Antiques &
Kindred Curiosities & Happenings
Vol 8 No 5
September/October 2000

"Happy 85th Birthday Raggedy Ann
Who among us cannot remember a time without Raggedy Ann?
The smiling face, button eyes, yarn hair and triangle noses are as
familiar as red wagons and dirt. Raggedy has been  part of children's
(and adult's) lives for 85 years, and are still favorite collectibles.
The well loved Raggedy " ( as pictured above) " is Dear Raggedy Ann
and belongs to Gloria Childers of Mobile, Alabama. She has kept Gloria company for 57 years and leads a very active life, having recently entertained Traveling Raggedy and showing her the sights of Mobile.
Gloria is a new-found friend via the web and I recommend her site highly
for any Raggedy Lover".... " With music and poetry and tributes to this
and that, including one to her precious mother, Margaret H. Anderson,
you can spend a nostalgic afternoon and make a friend too."

Raggedy Ann and I would like to thank
Mary Lou Fowler
711 Laurel Hill Ct.
Loveland, CO
If you would like to recieve a copy of the paper,
You can email Mary Lou at

  [email protected]

You will love it. Be sure to mention Dear Raggedy Ann
when you write.  : )

Thank You Mary Lou

Raggedy Ann


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Please do not take my picture from the site. I Love it here
and my Mum would be very sad if I ever left. Thanks.

You Are My Sunshine

                                       Gene Autry

 The other night dear, as I lay sleeping
 I dreamed I held you in my arms
 When I awoke, dear, I was mistaken
 And I hung my head and cried.

 You are my sunshine, my only sunshine
 You make me happy when skies are gray
 You'll never know dear, how much I love you
 Please don't take my sunshine away

 I'll always love you and make you happy,
 If you will only say the same.
 But if you leave me to love another,
 You'll regret it all some day:

 [  repeat  ]

 You told me once, dear, you really loved me
 And no one else could come between.
 But now you've left me and love another;
 You have shattered all my dreams:

 [  repeat  ]
 Please don't take my sunshine away

This page was made for Raggedy Ann and her friends on June 28, 2000 
updated April 15, 2001

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