Once upon a time there was a cat named Buttons. Buttons grew up in
California with a sweet little girl who just loved her. But, as in all
stories, the little girl grew up and moved away. Buttons was 12 years old
and a VERY nice cat, but she was not happy. She would sit for hours
dreaming of her younger days when the little girl would dress her up
in doll clothes. One day, when the little girls parents were not home. Buttons decided she would dress up and see if she could regain the joys of her childhood. Thus begins our adventure into the secret life of Buttons
the CAT.

The first time I saw Buttons,  she was reading a book called
BELOVED BELINDY. Beloved Belindy was a very good friend of
Raggedy Ann. Together, they shared many adventures. Here are
some of the pictures that were taken the day Buttons
thought she was Beloved Belindy.


..This is a Beloved Belindy doll.
Now you can see its hard to tell the difference.

The little girl's parents had an Antique store that was filled with
many wonderful things. Buttons would slip in the store every now and
then. There were some wonderful toys that were made in Germany
by the Steiff Company. When Buttons was very sad, she would slip
on a Steiff tag in hopes of being sold to someone who would take her
to the big city to find the little girl. I am not sure what connection she
found with the Hippo.

Buttons even put a button in her ear, as all true Steiff toys have this
button. But alas no one bought her. Buttons was not to be dissuaded.


Perhaps if she sat with the mouse. The cat and the mouse would surely
be sold as a pair. So, again, Buttons re-wrote her tag and up on the
shelf she went.


Whoops, she forgot her ear tag. So on it goes.

The mouse was sold to someone in the deep deep south and Buttons
had no intention of leaving California. Oh well, time for a nap and
good riddance to the mouse !

As all good tails go, Buttons is beginning to enjoy this escapade. Having
found  the Antique store, Buttons has found a new life. She still misses
the little girl, but the fun of this new life has given her a new out look.
She still takes naps, but now her waking hours are filled with new
adventures. Buttons spent last week reading Little Red.Riding Hood.


    The Wolf in Cats Clothing.    " My My Grandma, what big eyes you have."
                    said Little Red Riding Hood.


     "All the better to see you with my dear", said the Wolf in Cats clothing.

I do not wish to tell how this story ended, but Buttons
has taken off her grandma clothes and has retired to the
library to find a new story.

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Buttons frequents Angel Antiques in New Port Beach,
California, but is seldom seen, as when she is there
she is usually in disguise.

The song is to The Little Girl of Buttons past.
Love, Buttons
This page was made June 10, 1999 for BUTTONS.
( updated June 28, 2001)


and in Memory of Kalu.

? - July, 1998

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