As most of you know, black cats have always been a bit of a mystery.
History says they lived with witches many years ago. Black cats have
been both loved and very disliked for centuries. Perhaps it was not a
good idea to celebrate Halloween at the Antique store. I really thought
it would be fun. Little did I know the results. This is how it happened.
The store owners brought some Raggedys to the store. As they were new
to the rest of the dolls, I thought it would be nice to show them around.
I dressed up like Beloved Belindy.

I was enjoying me visit. until I looked down and poor
Raggedy Ann had fainted.

My first Cat Aide taught me to speak softly
and not to move the patient.

Raggedy Ann soon sat up and seemed
to be feeling just fine.

Raggedy Ann soon got the color
 back in her cheeks.

The next thing I knew, Raggedy Ann ran away. Now remember,
I have never celebrated Halloween before. I did not mean to
scare poor Raggedy Ann. Andy thought I was a wonderful host.

Soon Raggedy Ann was back and said she was sorry she ran away.
It seems she had never seen a furry Beloved Belindy before.

I promised Raggedy Ann I would  do anything
to make her stay memorable. Enough Beloved
Belindy. ''I will try something else'', said Buttons.

Buttons went into the store and soon re-appeared
as Shirley Temple.

Buttons looked just lovely.

The next thing Buttons knew, the dolls that were
outside enjoying the fresh air, also ran away.


 There were just a few hours left till dark. Buttons again went
into her private little dressing room and re-appeared as
Mrs. Beasley.

The dolls had, by now, gone back into the Antique store.
Buttons sat quietly outside the store. A group of children
walked by.


They began to talk among themselves. As they whispered,
Buttons heard one of the children say, ''Black cats are bad luck''.


Wait!  You're wrong. I am Buttons the cat. I can't help it if
I am black. I am loved. There was a Little Girl that loved me
very much. She was a wonderful Little Girl. I have been a
friend to many and never hurt anyone.


It was no use. They were all gone. Everyone!
Well that's it. No more Halloween for me.
I will continue to dress up and continue to
search for the Little Girl, I just won't do it on


Love, Buttons 

My Halloween wish is:
Everyone be kind to
'' Black Cats on Halloween''.

If you happen to be out at midnight on Halloween, you
may see me fly by. I have been promised a ride by my
Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great Grandmothers
best friend.

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Humbug to Halloween.
This page was made for Buttons the Cat
and in Memory of Kalu.
October 19, 1999
Updated July 7, 2001