Day Two
Traveling Raggedy Ann

June 22,1999

Dear Diary,

The first stop was the Post Office.
Here I had my diary stamped by H. Wayne Small.

We went to a real fire station. I was able to drive
a big fire truck at the M.S. Tapia Fire Station.
Dear Raggedy just watched.

Fireman Karl Ladnier lives where Dear Raggedy
Ann used to live. They had a nice visit but I was to
busy looking at everything.

Oh my. Deputy Sheriff  Jerome Howard
thought I was a run away. He ran me through the system and found there were no run away
Raggedys, and let me go.

At the second precinct of The Mobile Police
Department, Officer Loran Watts gave me a
badge. Now I am a Jr. Crime stopper in Mobile.

Thank You Dear Raggedy Ann for a wonderful day.
Good night.


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