Day Three June 23,1999
Traveling Raggedy Ann


Dear Diary,

I stayed home today and met all the dolls
and Raggedys that live here.

Vidalia, in the beautiful dress, moved here from
Nannies Shelter for Wayward Raggedys. The two
at the top were made by Raggedy Babs and The lamb
is as old as Dear Raggedy, who is 57 this year.

The three Raggedys on the left belonged to The
boys that grew up in Dear Raggedys home. These
Raggedys are truly family.

At lunch time, Beloved Belindy fixed us a real
good meal and Cleety was so kind as to wash all
the dishes, so no one would know.

The rest of the afternoon was spent with Bozo
the Clown, Sparkle Plenty and a Teddy Bear. The
Teddy Bear is so old he can't remember how old he
is. We really enjoyed the day.

I am going to bed early as I have
a bit of a stomach ache.
Good night

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