Day Four
June 24, 1999
Traveling Raggedy Ann


Dear Diary,
When I woke up this morning, I was on my way to the hospital. My tummy was still a bit uneasy. I went to the intensive care nursery and they thought I should be admitted.

Amy Bradley CNP wrote a LOT of orders. I went
to the lab, had an x-ray,  a EKG and went to bed.

Calvin was real nice and did not hurt me
when he drew lab samples.

This was one of my nurses.They were All
so good to me. They gave me a hospital gown.

This is Regina Gebauer and she wrote me a poem.

A Poem For Annie
"There once was a traveler named Annie,
Who landed in the NICU on her fanny.
She said she felt Raggedy and her stomach was upset,
So we threw her on an admit bed.
Her x ray and cbc were quite benign.
It was the greasy spoons where she had chosen to dine
That caused her to cramp and her vision to blur.
A stat enema was needed, we all  concurred.
Some IV fluids also perked Annie up as well as a tox
screen for the things she had supped.
The glow soon returned to Annie's cheeks
And soon she was back on her little cloth feet.
She was told to eat veggies and fewer Big Macs
Or else she she would be again flat on her back.
With Gloria she left the NICU.
Have fun little Annie, we'll be thinking of you."

I felt so good after I left the NICU, I donated
HEART to the children on the pediatric ward of the hospital.

I am so happy to be home. I told Dear Raggedy Ann everything that happened. I will try to eat better
on the road.   :)
Good night.

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