Day Five
June 25, 1999
Traveling Raggedy Ann


Dear Diary,
I think I am going to have fun today.

United States Coast Guard Group Mobile

Guardsman Carlton Spivey let us come aboard the
WHITE PINE. What makes this boat so special
is it will be leaving the USCG. It has been
decommissioned. I may be the last official
visitor.  :)

The Guardsman were very nice to both of us.

Guardsman Spivey let us sit on one of the
smaller boats on the big boat.

The boat is a buoy tender. This is one of the buoys.

Good Bye White Pine. I will always remember you.

We also went aboard the Saginaw

Guardsman Tony Vargas (rt.) and Guardsman
Mike Burch (lt.) were painting the boat. We wanted
to help, but they said we would get too dirty.

Guardsman David May is on the USCG SWEETGUM.
I really didn't think these men would like to have
me visit. After all I am just a doll, but they seemed
to know I was very Special and so is my new friend "Dear Raggedy". They were very nice to us.


This is Battleship Park and that's a real
battleship in the background.

Fort Cond'e Downtown Mobile

    Center of the Fort        Charlie Faulk-Guard       On top of a cannon

Guard Faulk let Dear Raggedy and I play cards.
They were very old and it was fun.

What a day. I have had a really good time
and met so many nice people.
Good night.

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