Day Seven       June 27, 1999

Traveling Raggedy Ann

Dear Diary,
I have been real lucky to have been able to stay here so long. There has been a slight problem with my travel connections. Its been a while since I have seen Nan,
so I am going back to visit her again. There are
just a few things I still want to do.
We rode a Rocking Horse that is
almost as old as Dear Raggedy.

We rode the school bus all
around the neighborhood.

Dear Raggedy Ann had a surprise Tea party for me.

I wrote my last entry in my diary from Mobile and Dear Raggedy's home.

Day 8,1999 June 28, 1999
My last day here
Dear Diary,

Raggedy Andy gave me a puppy to travel with me, so
I won't get lonesome. I hope he won't chew my dress.

When I got in my box, I cried and cried. Dear Raggedy got in the box also, just to make me feel better.

Thank You Dear Raggedy Ann. I will miss you.
She said she will miss me also as she has
not had so much fun in 45 years.

I almost forgot my puppy, but Dear Raggedy remembered. Good bye Raggedy Ann and I will
always remember you.

I love you.
Traveling Raggedy Ann

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