It has been some time since I have seen or heard of Buttons the Cat.
The New Year came and with it new hope for the reunion of two
dear friends. As you know, you never know who you will meet on
the banks of a River.

As I strolled along the banks of the river, I came upon a Arabic
Rug merchant. Have you seen or heard of the cat called Buttons?
Indeed I have! Do you not know the story? I was shocked. How could
this man know. Let me tell you the story. We all know the story,
but I thought it would be interesting to see what this man had to add.

Many years ago a little girl was born. She was the pride of her parents.

She was dressed in the finest of clothes and taken many places.
Every Sunday the parents took the Little Girl to the park by the River.
She would sit by the hour and dream.

The Little Girl made many  friends.

As the child grew, her love for adventure continued.
Take me to the River Mama. I want ot meet new friends.

The Little Girl dreamed. One day I will travel down the River.
I will meet many people and have many adventures.

As the Little Girl grew older, she continued to dream.
She loved to dress up. Her best friend ,Buttons the Cat,
was never left out. She too loved to dress up. They spent
hours  dressing up and dreaming of the future.

The Little Girl always
returned to the river to dream.

How do you know all these things, I asked.
Have you reason to doubt me?
No I said.

The Little Girl has grown up and  found her way to
her dreams. Buttons is still looking for her way.

I have given Buttons 6 things. Two coins, a nap sack
and cap, wood with which she can make an airplane and
directions to do so.

Buttons will find the Little Girl. You have seen for yourself,
Buttons is very clever. She can fill her nap sack full of many

This is all I have to say. Now leave me
to the peace and quiet of the River.


As I thought back to all the adventures Buttons has had,
I began to believe that perhaps it was so.

.. .. 

.. .. 




The last time I went to the River, I had the honor of speaking
to a Hindu Holy man . I asked him if he would please tell me whether
or not  Buttons will, indeed, find her Little Girl. He assured me the stars
were aligned  and the Gods were pleased with her. Buttons had  lived a
good life. She was kind to all she met, whether rich or poor.  They will
meet again, he said. And so it was.
And so it is.

The Life of Buttons The Cat.
Remember, if you ever happen to see a Black Cat, treat it
kindly, for it may be Buttons. 

Love ,
Buttons the Cat 

The moral to the end of this story is -

"She'll do it her way."

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This page was made for Buttons
April, 13, 2000
because all good tails have an end .
Updated July 7th, 2001



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