Past Raggedys 


31" (1963-1982)

Photo Courtesy of Pat in Wyoming
In sharp contrast to the Southern Bell, This Raggedy Ann must
suffer the harsh winds of the old west in her Grandmothers 1940s
coat to go to the story for flour and sugar, but Dear Raggedy Ann
 never complains.

"Dress Me" Raggedys
Introduced in 1971
Teach and Play Raggedys

Photo Courtesy of Margaret in Louisiana
The Raggedys had quite a time getting all the buttons buttoned,
snaps snapped and bows tied. They did a good job, don't you think?

19" 1976
Photo Courtesy of Pat in Wyoming
This Raggedy Ann has spent so many happy hours under the
western summer sun her dress is quite faded, but she is
always happy.

34" 1971

Photo Courtesy of Diana Louge
A True Southern Bell. Miss Raggedy Ann has lived her life in true Luxury. She spends every afternoon sipping mint juleps in the sunny south. (or so it was told to me) What a lucky girl.

40" 1971-1977

Photo Courtesy of Raggedy Andy in the deep deep South.
Raggedy Ann was all ready to have her picture taken for the "Find a Mate" Raggedy line and her thoughts turned to a quick snack. On her way to the cookie jar, she was met by a puppy who had the same thoughts.  Raggedy Ann did survive but the puppy left his mark. Raggedy Ann did not really mind though and she did share her cookie with the naughty puppy, or it would have been much worse. Despite her misfortune, Raggedy Ann did find her own special Andy in the deep deep south and they are living happily ever after.

15" 1970-1977

Photo Courtesy of Anne
This sweet Raggedy Ann was all ready for her picture and she spilled
milk on her clean apron. Now it's on the clothes line!

Talking Raggedy Ann
18 inches- 1970's

Photo Courtesy of Charisse in Tennessee
This Raggedy loves to tell stories. She can sit for hours in her back yard
and spin tales to anyone that passes by. I think one day she will be a teacher.

Photo Courtesy of Pati Applewhite
Dolls, Dolls Dolls
They come in all sizes, all ages and all prices. They have been made by many different companies. They come in sets and singles. The one thing that remains constant is the hidden heart that says I LOVE YOU. If you are lucky enough to have the Raggedy you had as a child, you will find "she is the
Best Raggedy of All." 

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