Raggedy Ann 
Dolls of the past

Volland Raggedy Ann

This is one of the first Raggedy Anns made.
I think this doll was made  around 1918-1919. She
has a hand painted face and is 17 inches tall.
Her hands are crude and she has fine worsted hair.
I wonder what stories she could tell?

Picture courtesy of "The Raggedyman"

Volland Raggedy Ann

Picture Courtesy of Laura in Texas
This is a very well kept lady.

Buddy and Sis
Late 30s to mid 40s
Hugable Nursery Pet 15"
American Toy Company

These Kids were only a few of the Raggedy Ann wanabes.
After all the Raggedys were very popular. Their faces are oil cloth.

Black Nose Raggedy Ann
Georgene (1938-1944)

Photo Courtesy of Pati Applewhite.
This is such a sweet Raggedy Ann. For her age,
she is so well kept. It looks as though she is waiting for the
sitter to come and give her tea.

Black Nose Raggedy Ann
Georgene (1938-1944)

Photo Courtesy of Rebecca Ann Suiter
OKLAHOMA ANNIE <RAsuiter@aol.com>
What a wonderful Raggedy Ann. She looks well
traveled and has many stories to tell.

Transition Raggedy Ann

Photo Courtesy of JIM and LINDA
This Raggedy Ann is indeed a sweet girl.
Georgene Silsby

Photo Courtesy of Laura in Texas
This little Raggedy comes from a  home full of Raggedys,
and seems to be a very sweet quite girl.

Georgene Raggedy Ann

Photo Courtesy of Jill Hasenkoph-Miller.
This Raggedy is waiting nicely as company is coming.

Asleep Awake Raggedys
Georgene Early 40's

Picture Courtesy of Laura in Texas
Andy is dreaming sweet dreams but Ann is not really
tired as the night is young.

Georgene Raggedy Ann
(Early 1940'S)

Photo Courtesy of Pat in Wyoming
This Raggedy has gotten a nice tan in the warm
winds of Wyoming. She really looks as though
she is waiting for permission to go back outside.

Georgene Raggedy Ann
(18 inch Mint doll)

This well kept Miss has been sleeping in her
box since 1951.

Knickerbocker Ann
This Ann and her brother, who can be seen on the Andy page
are made of matirial from Canada.
30" inches

Photo Courtesy of Pat in Wyoming
Raggedy Ann just came in from playing outside and is
ready for supper. Its usually hard to get her to come in,
but tonight she is having PIZZA.

Mucical Raggedy Ann
15 inches

Picture Courtesy of  Pati in Arizona
This Raggedy loves the song "London Bridge is falling Down".
You would think she would grow tired of it, but she hasn't.


When you go to Grandma's house, don't forget to ask if you can take a
peek in the old trunk in the attic. You may just find your old Raggedy Ann
waiting for you there.


UPDATED- June 17, 2001



Moon river, wider than a mile:
I'm crossin' you in style someday.
Old dream maker, you heartbreaker,
Wherever you're goin", I'm goin' your way.
Two drifters, off to see the world.
There's such a lot of world to see.
We're after the same rainbow's end,
Waitin' round the bend, My huckleberry friend,
Moon River and me.

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